“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

When is the best age for children to start English?

Experts suggest that children should start another language as early as possible. With their exposure to authentic language and accent, young children absorb the language in the same way they did with their mother tongue. Our free Kindergarten and Pre-Junior classes are designed for four-/five-/six- year-old children and are based on the British and American phonetic approach for native speakers. Why don’t you try us out to experience the magic of it?

If my child starts at the age of seven or eight, second or third year Primary school, is it going to be too late?

No, we revise often and reintroduce and recycle functions and vocabulary from Kindergarten and Pre-junior classes. But it is understandable that students who have been exposed to the language earlier can develop better language understanding skills.

If my child starts at the age of seven or eight, second or third year Primary school, when is he supposed to finish his English Exams?

By first or second year Lyceum, fourth or fifth grade highschool. However, if their teacher and the director decide to have a child skip a year due to their excellent performance, students can finish earlier, even at third year gymnasium / highschool. This year fifteen students skipped a class in three different levels.

If my child has learning disabilities how are they going to be tackled?

CPI technology and methodology are designed to cover for the needs of students with various learning problems without having to label students by putting them in separate classes. Our discreet diagnostic methods allow us to provide them with free extra-lesson tutoring as well as individualized exercises through the platform of clubefl that can further support these children. In extreme cases we also collaborate with professionals in Greece who have developed a system based on learning styles so as to be guided to the customized exercises needed by each student.

If my child misses a class how is she going to catch up the lesson?

Our platform allows children to have access to the day’s lesson and homework. Parents and students can contact the teacher through ESMS on clubefl for queries and clarifications.

If my child needs extra practice, how will he be helped?

If we consider it necessary, we provide students with free private lessons in the parts he may need to improve.

What are IGCSE, IELTS and TOEFL?

IGCSE Cambridge and Edexcel are globally accepted by most universities as English language requirement.   Both IGCSE Cambridge and Edexcel are available in May but IGCSE Cambridge  is also available in OctWe have made an effort to anticipate most of your questions but if you still have any, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us.

What is IELTS?

It is a unique timed exam, available twice or three times a month and results come out in fourteen days.  Score results come out in four bands out of 9 for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing along with a cumulative score.

BA students are usually required to achieve a score of 6 to 7 depending on the course and university.  CPI careers advisors inform students of the required score for their application so as to prepare their time and work to devote to their IELTS course. MA/MSc, PhD programmes, including scholarships usually have a score of 6.5 to 8 requirements. For more information visit the Cyprus British Council for IELTS.

Universities require a newly-received diploma, usually under two years old. However, any of these diplomas are lifelong proof of one’s level of English for the business world as well as for government positions. They are also accepted as a language requirement by any European country, which has joined the EEC, for exercising one’s profession.