Why Choose Us

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

  • For the institute’s continuous academic success in all its language and Math Courses.
  • For the institute’s creatively intriguing teaching approach, which guarantees to transform learning into acquired knowledge. It is based on the theory and practice of Multiple Intelligences, the Learning Style theory and the Communicative Approach.
  • For introducing students to Phonics, a well-developed visual and kinesthetic system that enables young students to easily learn how to read and write. Phonics is widely and successfully used in Britain and America, teaching reading and writing to native English speakers. CPI’s teaching approach is delivered through the phonetic integration for a reading and writing boost.
  • For delicately handling learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, Dyspraxia, Emotional  problems, etc without having to label a child but by integrating them in a regular class. Students are “treated” through CPI’s well-chosen syllabus and they are further scaffolded by the individualized clubefl activities based on their learning style test so that these difficulties are gradually less of an impediment to students’ academic aspirations. CPI teachers are trained to differentiate activities and homework according to the needs different students have. In extreme cases, learning style tests are administered to further customize class organization and homework.
  • For Clubefl, – the innovative educational platform, which builds up on critical thinking, collaboration and creativity and smoothly integrates technology in   teaching, all in a safe and fun environment for preschoolers to adults. This online educational platform is customized to work with all the school’s textbooks and curriculum and can be further customized by teachers to meet students’ needs. It enables students to practise additional classroom material at home through interactive games and activities, and it keeps students motivated with movie trailers, podcasts, blogs, while it allows them to create stories and quizzes for their classmates. Clubefl has fascinated students, teachers and parents alike and has made learning and homework fun and approachable. Exclusively at Columbia Private Institute.
  • For the institute’s experienced, highly qualified, largely native English teachers, who strive to meet the unique needs of each individual student. CPI’s teachers do not simply teach English; they have the skills to promote students’ critical thinking and emotional intelligence that are additional ingredients for their future success as individuals in the work place and in society.
  • For the institute’s standardized and consistent syllabus written and enriched by the CPI academic team and shared by all the teachers with their feedback and collaboration. Games and activity handouts are all prepared and provided to teachers so that they concentrate on their preparation and marking load. CPI’s flexible common curriculum ensures the acquisition of the English language starting from the kindergarten level to the highest diploma-receiving levels.
  • Parents are regularly invited to seminars and workshops free of charge, delivered by experts in their field that prepare them for life challenges as parents and human beings in general. They are equipped with self confidence to encourage and support their children throughout their educational experience. See our facebook events section for the planned seminars.
  • The successful Columbia Reading Club also invites parents, students and friends to a regular discussion of books alternating novels and self-development ones. See our facebook page for upcoming activities.
  • For the constant support to students and parents with Parent Lesson days, (see calendar for this year’s dates) student support lessons all free of charge. CPI offers hands-on workshops, which both parents and students can attend to discover and develop their potentials  and become better-skilled parents and students. This course consists of 10 2-hour lessons designed and delivered by Dr Nikos Elia, a professor of Educational Psychology at the Nicosia University.
  • For the reliable careers advice services in collaboration with the British Council and  other reliable careers advisors, which ensure a wise choice of university fields, based on students’ multiple intelligence and learning style tests.  CPI also undertakes the application procedure including accommodation arrangements, student loans and scholarships.
  • Columbia Private Institute provides optional transportation to and from the school.  For over thirty years, CPI has been safely transferring students from virtually every corner of Limassol in its fully air-conditioned mini buses.