Our Philosophy

"Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways.
These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences."
Howard Gardner

Columbia Private Institute’s methodology is based on the communicative approach, the Learning Styles and Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences theories. CPI’s lesson plans are teeming with invigorating activities that engage students’ participation and enforce a student-centered environment. Lesson plans are also based on the Phonetic alphabet that is visually and kinesthetically enforced.

Traditional teaching methods place a large emphasis on analytical and linguistic competence, whereas Multiple Intelligences theory acknowledges other kinds of intelligences that, in the past, have been neglected or downplayed; talents that one needs in order to become a successful entrepreneur, architect, psychologist, artist, musician, designer, athlete, should be equally valued. The Multiple Intelligences theory asserts that every student has his/her own unique and individual competences that can enhance learning if properly triggered. Lessons at CPI are designed so that, through multiple techniques, activities, practices and the visual and kinesthetic integration of a Phonics system, learners of all types reach their maximum potential.

Columbia Private Institute’s student-centered orientation ensures that students become active participants in a friendly classroom environment, which respects their individuality, nurtures their creativity and promotes critical thinking. In order to cover all the different learning needs of students in each lesson-unit, CPI incorporates songs, poems, short stories, group work activities, presentations, role plays and a plethora of visual stimuli—all designed to enhance learning and keep students motivated.

Due to the institute’s adherence to the Communicative Approach, communication in English comes first on its priority list. Even kindergarten and Junior pupils are able to carry out simple conversations in full sentences, not just words. Junior pupils, who are introduced to writing, can write simple pieces of writing, do basic writing meaningful projects on paper or digitally on clubefl. Their favorite stories are illustrated stories they create all by themselves.

The school’s older students enjoy doing creative projects and presentations that enable them to discover their potentials and develop themselves as critical thinkers. Their role play activities make lessons fun and enjoyable.

All kinds of different games and activities address the students’ different learning styles in the classroom and are wisely selected to achieve the school’s goals. By diversifying the teaching style, Columbia Private Institute can reach more students more effectively than ever before. These activities cut down on boredom as they enhance student interest, while giving students essential practice in integrating different learning styles into their own style. Students do more than just expanding their English when they play games, act out skits, or improvise roles; they expand their minds.