Intermediate (ages 12-14)

Intermediate courses (ages 12 – 14)

When students reach these levels, they are confident and fluent speakers of English, therefore, emphasis is shifted towards attention to detail. The focus is on the finer shades of meaning, such as idioms, phrasal verbs, and the distinction between formal and informal English. In addition, further concentration on nuances in pronunciation, like intonation, rhythm, and variations in English accents is enforced. Since in all levels, CPI’s aim is to create independent and autonomous learners, teaching the language through presentations, projects and other creative and interactive activities continues, either inside the classroom or outside, with CPI’s unique online English learning tool.

Intermediate students are very confident English speakers and listeners on a variety of topics that reflect their age and development. Their writing and reading skills are further refined through journal writing, news presentations and exposure to authentic material and guidance to longer and more complex pieces of reading and writing and more than twenty writing entries. CPI’s draft rewriting and editing approach is a habit students acquire and it can now be more effective.