Our Teachers

"Those who know, do; those who understand, teach."

Columbia Private Institute teachers are primarily English native speakers or American and British educated. With a sensibility and predisposition that should characterize educators of any type, the CPI team of teachers is sensitive to students’ needs inside or outside the classroom. CPI organizes and coordinates its teachers so that it can maintain the same high standards for all its classes and levels. In addition, teachers regularly attend seminars and educational workshops that help them stay informed with the latest teaching techniques and methods.

Sharing the same enthusiasm and passion for the school’s teaching methodology and technology as the establishers of Columbia Private Institute, CPI teachers have been working for the institute for more than ten years. They are qualified English Language teachers and Linguists and work in a collaborative team spirit, devoted to the students’ goals and success. They encourage critical thinking and problem solving with patience and tested methods and make lessons fun with their theatrical roles and playful spirit.

Systematic teacher training and coordination, monitored by the institute’s academic team and regular meetings ensure that Columbia Private Institute can maintain the same high standards for all its classes and levels.

As part of differentiating their approach to meet the class needs, CPI’s experienced teachers are open to constant change to carefully cater for the individual characteristics of their students. Their warm and friendly attitude fosters an atmosphere of creative freedom in the classroom that is much appreciated by students.

Teachers at CPI do not just teach; they encourage, guide, support, inspire…